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Willing And Dealing - Filipino Voices with Michael J. Libow

Willing And Dealing

Nation, it fills me with much joy and happiness to know that Willie Revillame cannot possibly suppress his generosity any longer and just absolutely had to return to television.

We would recall that for the past five years, Willie has been gracing our televisions in his top-rating program “Wowowee,” when relations between him and his network soured over the course of the 2010 elections, as Wil blatantly used his program to push for his favoured candidate, Manny Villar, all the while fielding criticism from his fellow ABS-CBN talent Jobert Sucaldito. The injustice of Wil being singled out when other personalities on that very network were pushing their own pet candidates like a certain woman who just so happens to be the current president’s sister, is not at all lost upon yours truly.

Patriotic Filipinos far and wide have always regarded Willie Revillame as a renaissance man: someone who used to play second fiddle to other performers until he found a way to break through the glass ceiling and become a self-made man (That way, he’d only have himself to blame for it.), and he has ended up becoming one of the most powerful men in the Philippine entertainment industry.

Yet with all that power, what does he choose to do with it? But of course: he shares the wealth with those who have helped him on his way up. The masses who stood by Willie Revillame through thick and thin were rewarded handsomely,as everyone came to realize what a paragon of magnanimity and virtue he truly is, and there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth when he was taken off the air.

That day remains as a grave injustice to this very moment, one that Wil has attempted to rectify. Surely, he did not deserve this travesty, and one felt so much sympathy for a man who had nothing but the well-being of the impoverished Filipinos hanging onto his every word and every last ounce of pittance money from his sponsors that he gives away with all his blessed heart. One could imagine how miserable he must have felt, going home to his private island while aboard his personal yacht, flanked by his countless groupies. Somehow, perhaps that 11.5M could tide him over in his time of personal crisis, as clearly, his 2B or so net worth isn’t just cutting it anymore.

And now, with his triumphant return to television, we shan’t be afraid any longer. Willie Revillame is back, and he is going to once again uplift the standard of programming in Philippine television like only he can, with nothing but the classiest of acts, like his kendeng girls, his wanton pandering to the lowest demographic to milk them for ratings and patronage, and to once again use his apparent accumulation of goodwill as a stepping stone for any political friends he may want in power – or perhaps even just outright running for public office himself.

We are going to witness the birth of a new era for Philippine television history: Willie Revillame will inevitably raise the bar for quality, and will no doubt elevate the Philippine masses by having them cling onto him even more than they already do, all the while acting like a true professional by never breaking character and maintaining kayfabe that all of this generosity actually came from his own pocket. Willie Revillame is truly one of the masses: he knows what it’s like to be where they are, their trials, their tribulations, and he knows that to make them happy, one need not remove them from the quagmire they are stuck in, but simply to dangle the hope that they can escape it day in, day out.

Nation, there’s no reason to support any other television program: Willing Willie is where it’s at.