Pedigree “platform”

By all intents and purposes, people’s choice presidential candidate of the moment Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino Jr has kicked off his campaign to get his bum on that coveted seat in Malacanang in 2010. And he is backed by the most illustrious relics of the 1986 “revolution” upon which his popular appeal is built.

Indeed, Aquino’s biggest asset in his campaign is his being an Aquino. Contrary to what some may think, he does have a platform — a pedigree platform. This is a new concept that describes a very traditional campaign strategy that has an extensive track record of delivering brilliant results in backward feudal societies. Certainly the sort of approach that requires a bit of thinking applied simply will not fly in Philippine society — specially taking into account the full force of traditional thinking backing up this candidate.

Jim Paredes who recently concluded a successful campaign concert for the neo-Yellowists captures the essence of the concept of a pedigree platform quite well:

[The child in The Filipino] sees in Noynoy a person who will most likely not sully the memory of his parent’s legacy. He is honest. Let’s start from there.

Indeed, his parents’ legacy was burnt into the Filipino psyche 23 years ago in 1986 (26 years ago if we bring this back even further to his father’s assassination in 1983). Paredes’s suggestion that we “start from there” implies that we set ourselves back two decades in our efforts to face the challenges of the second decade of the 21st Century. Makes sense in that uniquely-Filipino framework of sensibilities, doesn’t it?

Insanity is aspiring for a change while doing the same thing yet again.

How do we reconcile the simple tenet above with what we see going on in the political landscape of the moment? Simple: We don’t.

Malacanang of 2010 to 2016 is going to lead a Philippines surrounded by circumstances vastly different from what beset the Philippines of 1986. In 1986, the Filipino people had only newly re-acquired their license to drive their politics. Today, Filipinos approach the 2010 elections as 23-year driving veterans. Unfortunately, whether that experience added any value to the national psyche is still debatable. Are we approaching 2010 bringing to bear the full force of what 23 years of “democracy” had so far taught us for a change? Or are we approaching 2010 with the kind of selective amnesia that gives us that warm fuzzy feeling yet again?


Celebrities earn their big bucks from the talent they wield around giving their fans their daily fixes of warm fuzzy feelings. My hope is that we as a people will no longer regard that ability to lead our emotions as license to lead our sensibilities.


Pilipino ba kayo sa isip, salita at sa gawa
Pilipino ba kayo na dada ng dada ng dada

Minamahal kong Pilipinas – by APO

Sure, Mr. Paredes. But then…

Pilipino ba kayo sa isip, salita at sa gawa
Pilipino ba kayo na kanta lang nang kanta

Platform, plez – by benign0

We are the same whether you like it or not, Mr. Jim Paredes. We differ only in mode of delivery — you choose to sing, I choose to write — and in the substance of our respective messages — you appeal to the heart, I appeal to the intellect.

It’s up to us to now decide which of the two we choose to apply in facing the challenges of the 21st Century.

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