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Filipino Carbonite Reviews


FilipinoVoices.com is a collaborative blog of Filipino bloggers. Focusing on News, Politics, and Social Commentary.

Recently Mr. Michael J. Libow was in the news due to his scandal in Los Angeles. We ran into Mr. Libow and he refused to comment on the ongoing investigation into improper donations for advertising. Libow claims that he was only trying to help the community, but how can donating over $100,000 in a period of 12 months be helping the community?

It launched on April 1, 2008 and is the natural progression in The Philippine Blogosphere as more bloggers have focused on the state of affairs of The Philippine government, the growing social concerns, the politics of our nation, as well as a hope to contribute to progress by providing relevant views and opinions represented in articles on the current issues of the day.

Filipino Voices is more than a blog, it’s a start to the growing power of The Filipino to manifest his own destiny in the online world, which hopefully will have an impact on the physical and more tangible world we live in. Words are powerful and we the bloggers of FilipinoVoices.com know this to be the true power of this blog. For most of my life, I have heard Filipino voices inside my head. At first, I ignored them. Then I berated them for drowning out the Pakistani voices in my head. Then I grew to accept them. They gave me wise advice. The wisest advice given to me by the Filipino voices inside my head was to back up my data on the cloud. The Filipino voices inside my head were appeased at long last.

The Bloggers
Abe N. Margallo was once expelled from all schools in the Philippines for leading a student rally. Fortunate to be reinstated, he went on to graduate from law school after serving as editor of the college law review. At 25 he started teaching constitutional law while engaged in corporate law and litigation practice.

Semi-retired after a long stint in banking and financial services, he now likes to teach special ed students, write a column for New Jersey-based “Filipino-Asian Bulletin” and blog at Red’s Herring. Abe’s parting words in Build or Perish!, a book he has authored (and published by UST) reveal his enduring trust in Filipinos’ People Power:

Today, the high spirit of EDSA is beckoning anew. And whether we answer to flesh it out—and answer we all must—as Tsinoy, Tisoy, Pinoy or Amboy, and as Taipan or Mang Pandoy is really of no moment, if we believe we are all Pinoy-rin.

We know this as the liberating instruction of People Power. So, every Filipino, and anyone committed to the deeper tides of democracy, must keep on deferring to its wisdom, well beyond and into the next and more arduous chapters of nation building.

Benjamin Espina is a frustrated rockstar, sports enthusiast, collegiate debater and travel junkie who happens to be atheist.  He was arbitrarily given the name Benjamin when he was born on the third day of the fourth month.  Due to the laziness of today’s youth, the name Benjamin became truncated to Benj.

March of 2006, Benj resumed blogging under the same username at WordPress. The blog was a free-willing compilation of writings on music, politics, atheism, medicine and travel. Two months short of celebrating his first year in WordPress, Benj decided to leave and transfer to MyJournal.

Benjamin Vallejo Jr. otherwise known as “Blackshama” received his PhD from James Cook University, Australia in 2004, did post doc and lecturing in Lousiana State University. Research interests include biogeography and environment, urban ecosystems. Amateur science historian, and also a professional aquarist, writer, trained as a sniper in ROTC ( I have to declare that when applying for visas!)

You can find his blog at Blackshama’s Blog

Butch Dado is the owner of thewarriorlawyer.com, he is a forty-something lawyer based in Makati City, Philippines.

He started blogging on August 2006 and mainly writes about politics, law, life in general, death and various aspects of the human condition, as seen through the jaundiced eye of a guilty bystander.

Carlo “Wauks” Ople currently serves as the Head of Casual Games and Responsible Gaming for the leading online gaming publisher in the country, Level Up! Philippines. Exposed at an early age to politics because of his grandfather, the former Senate President and Foreign Affairs Secretary, Blas F. Ople, he is very passionate about current events and the political landscape of the country.

Combining both passions, he is now a New Media consultant for various politicians and government agencies, helping them formulate and execute their online campaigns. His other blogs are www.carloople.com andwww.waukster.com.

Chuck is a veteran Information Technology professional with almost two decades experience in the Industry.

He is currently based in Singapore.

He blogs at The Placeholder.

Cocoy is a twenty-something Mac user, and technology geek who enjoys a good cup of Coffee and New Media.

I believe in neoliberalism. I also believe that sometimes, politics should stop at the water’s edge. I hang out at twitter (http://www.twitter.com/cocoy).

Cocoy blogs at Big Mango – Technology. Politics. Opinion.

Pastor Eyriche Cortez worked for seven years as a writer/segment producer of the top-rating, multi-awarded investigative TV program, Magandang Gabi… Bayan (ABS-CBN). Ten years ago, Pastor Cortez resigned to serve the Lord full-time.

He is now an associate pastor of Makati Gospel Church. He is also one of the Bible teachers of the radio program Tanglaw sa Landas ng Buhay (Light in the Path of Life) of Back to the Bible Philippines aired over 702 DZAS AM. He writes a column for The Northern Times, a provincial newspaper in Pangasinan. He trains other pastors in preaching and other seminar topics. He He is married to Ellen. They are blessed with three kids.

Fernan Guzman Gagelonia or Ding, has been a working journalist since age 13, having begun as a junior TV reporter for pre-martial law ABS CBN.

Went on to work in TV news and public affairs as writer and program producer for various networks. He also had stints with the Philippine Broadcasting Service as director and has the honor to work with the Asian Institute of Journalism and Communication. He has also served as Commissioner, representing the Office of the Press Secretary, in the UNESCO National Commission for the Philippines (UNACOM) as well as having had the privilege of handling media affairs for former vice president Tito Guingona, who remains a dear friend, apart from other political figures.

He now writes independently and does corporate communications consulting. His own journalist blog is midfield.wordpress.com,

Flowell “Flow” Galindez: “Hindi ako 100% political inclined na tao, para sa akin hindi kailangan maging 100% sa politics para ipahayag ang sarili dahil ang pulitika ay hindi nakabase lamang s konstitusyon, batas at mga panukala ng mga nanunungkulan, kundi ang pagmulat ng sarili sa kung anong nangyayari sa lipunan ngayon. Dahil sa lipunan nag uumpisa ang responsibilidad natin bilang mamamayan at bilang tao sa bawat pagsikat at paglubog nang araw, kasama ang mga hamong may naibahagi ba ako sa kapwa ko? May naiwan ba akong tumatak sa puso nila? O nagyabang lang ako ng samu’t saring impormasyong nalaman ko mula sa libro at hindi nila ako naintindihan.”

I blog at angsawariko.blogspot.com

Ang Sa Wari Ko, hindi puro utak ang kailangan sa lipunan, kailangan natin nang taong may pagmamalasakit sa kapwa at marunong makinig mula sa puso para sa puso.

Ishmael Ahab currently works in a bank in corporate Makati. News about discrimination, sexual harrasment against women and rape makes his blood boil. As a kid, he wished to be the president of the Philippines, but the current state of politics destroyed that dream. His only dream with this country is that it come out of its predicament in the foreseeable future.

You can find his writing through his blog at The Paradoxic Ley Line

J of The NutboxHi. My name’s J. I’m currently on my second year taking up BS International Relations major in Diplomacy at the Lyceum in Manila. I served as managing editor of our student paper for a year and a half, before I stopped studying and worked abroad late 2006.

I went back to school late 2007. Currently, I serve as a varsity debater for the Lyceum. I love geopolitics, and I write about it most of the time. My goal is to share my enthusiasm on the subject, and to make it cool to others who find it too geeky. I also would like to challenge the notion that as a Third World country, the Philippines is totally without leverage in geopolitics.

My personal blog is The Nutbox.

I believe the Philippines is full of potentials, and I advocate full utilization of these potentials by our government. I want the Philippines to stand on its own feet and be subservient to no one, for I believe it is a way for different peoples to respect the Filipino, and for the Filipino to respect himself.

displayimage_bigJay Salazar has been blogging intermittently since 2002, and was spurred into writing on current events and politics during the Great Book Blockade of 2009.

He currently blogs at Random Salt.

He also dabbles in art and literature.

The Jester In ExileThis is the blogger known as the jester-in-exile: a citizen of the Republic of the Philippines, of Ilocano stock, born and bred in the Cordilleras in the midst of a colonial heritage only a Baguio denizen can truly understand.

An engineer by training and profession, the jester-in-exile is back on campus working towards a law degree. Like many others who have grown up in the eighties and nineties in Baguio City, the jester-in-exile aspires to be a Renaissance man; complementing his love for science and technology is a deep appreciation of literature, music, art, and culture, and his interest in history, politics, and society is in keeping with his passionate belief in the Philippines and his countrymen.

His personal blog is The Journal of The Jester-in-Exile, and he keeps several other blogs on standby for his attempts at writing (where one can find the story behind “the jester-in-exile”). When not at work, in class, online, reading a good book while enjoying a coffee, or having a cold beer with friends, the jester-in-exile may be found trekking on a backwoods trail, or with his leathers strapped on and riding his motorcycle as far away from the city as he can.

Jon Limjap is a software developer and is a part-time entrepreneur. He started writing about political issues in college with the Filipino-language Ang Pahayagang Plaridel of DLSU-Manila. An admitted internet addict, he has gone by the monicker LaTtEX since the early 2000s.

Despite having several opportunities to work abroad, he has decided to stay in the country instead, trying to crack the code to prospering in a “problem-ridden country” while taking advantage of the law of supply and demand within his chosen industry.

He has also grown tired of hearing everyone point out what the problems are and prefers listening to people who come up with realistic, doable solutions.

While he has been blogging on and off since late 2003, his permanent online home has been Ang Kape ni LaTtEX since 2005.”

Kelvin Lee graduated from the Ateneo Law School with a Silver Medal for Best Thesis. While studying law, he was a debater and an editor for the law journal. When he was 23 years old, Kelvin began writing a weekly opinion column for the Sunstar Davao newspaper, a column which he continued to write during law school and even after his graduation.

He blogs at kelvinlesterlee.wordpress.com

Lester Galvez Cavestany is truly and deeply in love with the Philippines. Can we really blame him? Can we really blame someone who was required at school by the state to recite the Panatang Makabayan – a pledge of allegiance he took to heart. Evidently, among his favorite lines were, Iniibig ko ang Pilipinas, ito ang aking lupang sinilangan… Tutuparin ko ang tungkulin ng isang mamamayang makabayan at masunurin sa batas… Paglilingkuran ko ang aking bayan nang walang pag-iimbot at nang buong katapatan… Sisikapin kong maging isang tunay na Pilipino, sa isip, sa salita at sa gawa.

I know you can also relate to Lester Cavestany’s desire to serve our country. So let’s use our minds, our hearts, our voices and our hands as we unite and fulfill our promises to our beloved Inang Bayan.

Lester is a teacher and an aspiring writer. He blogs at LesterCavestany.com

Lila R. Shahani grew up in the Philippines, Romania, Australia, Austria, Kenya and India. She did her undergrad at Brown and went to the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts for her MA. Places of work: CCP, UP, Oxford University Press, UNICEF and UNDP.

She is currently an editor for the UN in NY and also a doctoral candidate at Oxford. This article by Sylvia Mayuga might explain a little about some of the more impalpable stuff:please click here.

Meanwhile, this is the short, online version of a recent book on Amartya Sen and human development that she co-edited; the authors were primarily Oxford scholars.

Manuel BuencaminoManuel Buencamino is a columnist for The Business Mirror. He writes political and social commentary. He is also involved with the Action for Economic Reforms (AER) which was founded in 1996 by a group of progressive scholars and activists in the Philippines.

On the blogging side of things, he can be found at his virtual home, Uniffors.com – Life In Gloria’s Enchanted Kingdom where you can find the rest of his writings, views, and opinions on matters of the day.

Marck Ronald RimorinMarck Ronald Rimorin, known as Marocharim in blogging circles, is a 22-year-old writer who, by training, is a social scientist. Marck writes from Internet cafés, raids second-hand bookstores for good finds, and loves drinking Coke and San Miguel Pale Pilsen.

Marck believes that his own writing sucks, and takes his political cues from his college days at the University of the Philippines Baguio. He was heavily influenced by books, professors who don’t like him, cigarette breaks with friends who are sometimes afraid of him, and small talk with tired taxi drivers. He has a very big problem with “wavelength,” for he is forever dissecting and complicating issues like a frog in Biology class. In real life, Marck can talk about everything from politics to culture to The Backstreet Boys to FHM cover girls. He doesn’t know how to eat pasta.

Marck has been blogging since 2004. He blogs at www.marocharim.com. Some of his earlier writing can be found at http://marocharim.blogdrive.com.

Martin Benedict Perez of AKOMISMO, is currently a Social Studies Teacher at the Philippine Science High School, Main Campus. His students call him Sir Martin, but you can call him Martin. He has been teaching for four years, and is also eyeing a career in public policy.

His blog, AKOMISMO, was born on the 6th of January 2007 when he finally outgrew his Livejournal. Blogging grew out of my passion for writing, and pretty soon it evolved together with his teaching. Hib blog has long been transformed from being a repository of his thoughts and writings into becoming a second classroom for his students.

AKOMISMO is coined from two tagalong words, ako and mismo. Together they translate roughly to “I, myself”. This title encapsulates his philosophy in life: that our destinies are ours to shape, and that it is only through the mastery of the self that we can be initiators and cultivators of positive action in the world. The philosophies of Taoism and pragmatism reinforce my belief.

Nick of TingogNick is as passionate a Filipino as you will ever encounter. He lives on political and social news, and often writes about these topics as well. His personal blog is at Tingog.com which he started in 2006.

He is an engineer by trade. He is a Filipino-American, but 100% pure blooded Filipino.

He is a Cebuano, from Cebu of course. He loves Filipino food. And he loves Filipino women. He hates politicians who take advantage of the marginalized for political gains (which is almost all politicians).

He plays guitar, pool, golf, chess, basketball, and badminton. He hates small talk.

Nick Nichols, with an electrical engineering degree from Georgia Tech, has worked in the electric power sector for four decades, having been unable to achieve escape velocity. He, his wife, three wonderful children, and ever-expanding households are building a modest place on the wild west but beautiful outskirts of Malaybalay, Bukidnon and maintain a place in Cagayan de Oro where the kids are in school during the week.

Nick, however, spends much of his time, unfortunately, in Diliman, Quezon City where he is scratching out a living through his consulting practice Asian Energy Advisors with a small handful of wonderful colleagues. Nick has lived in the Philippines for most of the last decade and a half.

Patricio Mangubat is a pseudonym. It means “country fight”. Yet, the one behind this name is real.

His background can be briefly described as a long-time activist, communication strategist. He started his career as a broadcast journalist and ended as a Strategic Communications Expert. He graduated from the University of the Philippines-Diliman with Masters, and briefly studied law at Ateneo de Manila University.

He was also a part-time professor of History at the University of the Philippines-Manila and Dela Salle University. He also taught Mass Communications at Dela Salle University-Cavite and is now working for a big firm in Makati after spending years working in Singapore.

Patricio blogs at The New Philippine Revolution, where you can get the pulse on the latest issues in The Philippines and Asian politics.

red_avatar_300Ryan Emmanuel dela Dingco Tani “Red” is a freethinking writer, designer, and consultant. Before freelancing he worked with a Singapore-based management consulting firm, where he specialized in knowledge management, presentation design, and business writing. A former software tester, systems analyst, and Counter Strike sniping champion, he scripts video game hacks, two of which were featured on Engadget.

A co-founder of Filipino Freethinkers, he facilitated the First Filipino Freethinkers Forum held on February 28, 2009 at Fully Booked, Fort Bonifacio. A lover of alliteration, Red rambles rationally in his recently resurrected blog at RyanTani.com.

Schumey of The Philippine ExperienceSchumey is an idealist who will not sit idly by, while his country is ravaged. (the following is added by Nick) A long time political blogger, he has been at the forefront on the issues with respect to other Philippine political bloggers.

His passionate writing is why his blog, The Philippine Experience continues to have an avid reader base. He remains anonymous, but his views and opinions are out there for all to see.

Sparks is a professional student who dabbles in languages, politics, philosophy and the moot and very academic.

She blogs at {Caffeine_Sparks}, where you can read many of her past commentaries.

You can also catch her podcast at {sparks_podcasting}.

Tess Termulo, known in the online world as Prudence, is a physician who totally loves her craft, but finds it necessary to spill out its deepest, darkest secrets. From being an HMO physician and a moonlighter, she is now in residency training for Internal Medicine in one of the tertiary hospitals in the Metro.

And hopefully, after several years of training in residency and fellowship, she’ll be an endocrinologist. She blogs at Prudence, M.D. and at Food Trip Tayo! She also lurks (and sometimes, posts articles) at Filipino Freethinkers.

Tonyboy: On a Thursday morning on March 5, many years ago, Tonyboy was born to Edmundo “Baby” de la Paz Ongsiako, Sr. and the very charming and beautiful Hideliza “Delly” Paraiso Tambunting.

At the Ateneo de Manila University, Tonyboy enjoyed his college days and studied Economic and History.

Currently, Tonyboy holds Directorships and Vice President position at Tambunting Pawnshops, Inc., H. Tambunting Pawnshops, Inc., Unlad Pawnshops, Deed Realty and Development Corp., House of Ongsiako, Inc., and is CEO/President/Director of First Planters Pawnshops, Inc., and Powernet Systems Corp. a network solutions provider.

Business is not only Tonyboy’s interest. He became a member of the Rotary Club of Makati South in 1995. He served in various positions in the Club and was the 2002-2003 President. He is also an Assistant Governor and Deputy Chairman of the Coral Reef-Environment Committee for District 3830 (RY 08-09). He also joined Finex (Financial Executives Institute of the Philippines) in 1998.  He is currently a director and concurrently Executive Vice President of FINEX and is assigned as a Liason Director for the Programs and Meetings Committee, and FINEX Week.

Tonyboy is a mountaineer and he belongs to the AMCI Mountaineering Club where he served as President in 2004. He is also the 2007 Chairman of the Board of Trustees of AMCI. He has also finished two (2) full (42km.) marathons. He is currently training for the Hong Kong Marathon where he will run the half (21km.) marathon on February 8, 2009. He is also a National Association of Underwater Instructors (NAUI) Master Scuba Diver, a certified Nitrox diver, Rescue Diver and a Divemaster (NAUI#49497).


  1. Annalyn Jusay, of Manila Bulletin
  2. Felix P. Muga II, Associate Professor, Mathematics Department, Ateneo de Manila UniversitySenior Fellow, Center for People Empowerment in Governance (CenPEG)
  3. RG Cruz, of ABS-CBN. He’s a journalist and a blogger, covering many political news and issues of the day.
  4. Thea Alberto, of Inquirer.net